Carlo Pinciroli
Assistant professor

The robot apocalypse will last as long as batteries allow.

Arsalan Akhter
PhD student

Loves to mix technology, design and entrepreneurship.

Vinayak Jagtap
PhD student

Build robots, drink beer, and wonder what is the purpose of life. In that order.

Nathalie Majcherczyk
PhD student

One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

Jayam Patel
PhD student

Robots, gadgets, gaming, anime, and music.

Nikhil Advani
MS student

Robots, soccer, and stand-up comedy.

Ari Goodman
MS student

Never do anything halfway.

Vishaal Kabilan
MS student

Algorithms. Coffee. Bouldering. Repeat.

Charvak Kondapalli
MS student

"Tis but a scratch."

Vishnu Menon
MS student

Robots, football, and music.

Rohit Sheth
MS student

If you no longer go for a gap which exists, you're no longer a racing-driver.

Nishan Srishankar
MS student

"I hope for the strength to change what I can, the inability to accept what I can't, and the incapacity to tell the difference." [C&H]

Ben Hylak
BS student

Humans + Robots. Interned at SpaceX, met the President, and shaves with a straight edge razor.